Pros•ti•tot – (n) 1. Young Girl who dresses in a scandalous manner. 2. Female preteen intent on attracting adult men. 3. A child resembling, or working as a prostitute. Usually the result of admiring Britney, Xtina or their skanky-ass mother

For years young teenage girls have “Britney-ized” themselves into walking billboards for the red-light district. I mean with role models like Paris Hilton, Tara Reid and Lindsay Lohan, young women are wearing more and more revealing clothes either ill prepared for the sexual overtones or unaware of the message they send.

The worst part is that it is the parents that are often arming these “prostitots” as I call them.

I recently went to the mall, and happened to park at the entrance to JCPennys. Unfortunately, the entrance which I arrived was the door to the young miss’ department. As I wander my way to the closest escalator, I look to the left only to see a mother of a girl – who couldn’t be more than 6 – holding a child’s thong and saying “Oh honey, this would look so cute on you!”

I couldn’t be more disgusted with the values these parents were instilling in their children. Who would have guessed that we should promote our young children as sex symbols or that we should be proffering the notion that beauty is more important than anything else.

These young children often do not know the risks associated with dressing provocatively. Moreover, it confounds me how many of these parents could inadvertently be setting up their children, not only for disappointment later in life, but for immediate harm.

So many individuals in the world would jump at the chance to take advantage of an unsuspecting peer or child. Older kids may also encourage promiscuous behavior before these children learn the physical, emotional or psycho-social risks associated with sexual conduct. Worse, according to, in the county surrounding this particular mall, there are over 678 registered sex offenders.

As such, are we setting up our children for possible attacks, abductions or worse?
Some times I fear for these kids. I fear for their parents. Worst of all, I can’t help but feel sorry for a society that supports, condones and endorses this kind of behavior.

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