Book-CoverFor anyone who hasn’t heard, lives under a rock or doesn’t have a Facebook account, this blog has now led to the creation of a new book, called Poop Flies at 35 m.p.h: The Expectant Dude’s Participation Guide.

After I decided to live blog our delivery, my mom suggested that I make a book about our whole first year journey. But, I think that there’s so much more that dad’s need to know.

There is a big gap in the education tools for fathers, especially for those that want to be involved in more than just the baby making. Most of the books I bought or checked out were written by doctors, psychologists or women. Basically, they were too clinical and didn’t relate to me.

Alternatively, the other books talked to the father like he was some kind of buffoon that didn’t have any place in child rearing and all decisions were to be left to the mother. In-fact the bulk of mainstream advice pretty much tells dad to keep his head down and try to stay off of mom’s shit list and how to survive having kids.

This infuriated me, because what I wanted was a real day-in-the life look at what’s to come in the next nine months and how I could help.

I’ve been amazed how the mainstream advice has taken hold in so many dads, and how many of them seem to be “along for the ride” instead of steering the ship. In the years after having my own children, I’ve watched in amazement at the number of dads who have said that they wanted to participate more, but either didn’t feel like they had a place, or knew how to engage.

So, I set out to write this book, not as another “survival guide,” but something that was written as a “participation guide.”

Having a baby is a true undertaking, and you can’t just survive it, you have to embrace it. This is especially true if you’re married or plan on being an active father. If you try to skate by and let momma make the decisions or care for the kiddo, you’re in for an uncomfortable ride. You have to be an active participant, which starts by being part of the decision making process today.

I have two final chapters to write, and a glossary of over 100 terms, but as soon as it’s ready you’ll be able to purchase it on Amazon.

In the mean time, enjoy the reading and be on the lookout for updates on our next delivery!

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